2K And 4K Videos (High Resolution)

Cc_108163Downtown - Guru Randhawa (1440p) 2K Video.mp4
220.99 mb
Cc_108162Tere Mere - T-Series Acoustics (Neeti Mohan) 1440p 2K Video.mp4
225.56 mb
Cc_107997Miss Karda - Jazzy B And Kuwar Virk (1440p) 2K Video.mp4
242.13 mb
Cc_107936Paniyon Sa - Chill Mix (Tulsi Kumar) 1440p 2K Video.mp4
312.85 mb
Cc_107821Urvashi - Yo Yo Honey Singh (1440p) 2K Video.mp4
247.08 mb
Cc_107754Dholida (Loveratri) 1440p 2K Video.mp4
209.45 mb
Cc_107753Tera Hua - Atif Aslam (Loveratri) 1440p 2K Video.mp4
175.61 mb
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NOTE : Supported Mobile Are 2K 4K Video Is - Samsuns S6 edge, S7 edge, S8 edge, Note 5, And Many More High Resolution Display Mobiles..
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