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In our opinion Help from oil? Really, now! Ford's beneficiaries? The oil industry's answer to the public outcry about soaring prices and excessive profits, if we read the financial reports properly, is even higher prices to the consumer and more than excessive profits.

Apparently even the oil magnates didn't plan on burying enough of those excessive profits in bookkeeping maneuvers to keep them from becoming another slap in the face to the millions who are at their mercy. While the oil barons blame OPEC for rais-- ing oil prices, American firms are boosting their prices on Alaskan oil even higher. Can any of them deny the ploy of filling secret tank reserves Women looking real sex East Fayetteville the "price is right"?

If so much is being put back into exploration, why is American oil production getting smaller and smaller? Let's face it the oil company president who can show the biggest profit is considered the most intelligent.

He makes his stockholders happy charging as much as the public will pay. The oil industry is not unique in that respect, but the amount of its windfall profits is hard to match anywhere. Until the public lobbies stronger for other energy sources than the oil industry Sexy for oil and things that require oil consumption, no oil company willbe "too' embarrassed" about its profit picture!

Congress won't help unless we apply the same kind of pressure asserted by oilmen.

The daily item from sunbury, pennsylvania ยท 4

By Donald M. Baker Jr. Ford's decision to step almost all the way out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Which of them benefits most will be a measure of how Republican political professionals evaluate their two campaigns, particularly their chances of de. Ronald Reagan. But at least one prominent Republican, who asked not Sex personals Fowler Ohio be identified, said former Texas Gov.

John Connally also might do surprisingly well among Ford backers. The Republican source, a strong Ford supporter in the past, said he found Cob- nally running "surprisingly well" in some areas where Ford has strong political support.

Richard Lugar, R-Ind. The former GOP party chairman, who has several former Ford supporters in his campaign organization, said uncertainty about Ford's intentions had been helping Reagan in the Republican race. Baker called Ford's decision a move that was "in the best interests of the. The Baker aide said the Tennessee senator's fund-raising efforts did not seem hindered by the possibility that Ford might enter the race. Baker will formally announce his candidacy Nov.

He cited that poll as a factor in encouraging Ford supporters to increase pressure on the former president W try to regain the White House in Ford and Reagan waged a hard capi-paign for Horny charlotte n c women GOP nomination, with the incumbent president unsure of the nomination until the Kansas City Mo.

Ford then lost to Jimmy Carter in the November election.

Seeing Ford as the only candidate who could stop Reagan from winning the GOP nomination, many supporters of the former president began to pressure him to enter the race. But they also felt his only chance was to enter early enough to run in the primaries.

Ford refused, saying he would not enter the primaries and would respond to a draft only in what he called the unlikely event of a deadlocked Republican convention. The LWV valuable for good government This is "Government Week" across the nation, and one of the organizations that does much on a year-round basis to improve government is the League of Women Voters. Both have sponsored or co-sponsored "Meet the Candidates" programs in an effort to give the public a better chance to get to know the candidates, to ask questions and hear their answers prior to the Nov.

The League was founded on the principle of encouraging citizens to be informed voters, participating fully in their government. During the year ahead, the League will be com-memmorating its 60th year. It speaks to issues only, and as an organization, it is non-partisan, although it encourages everyone ,to be active in party politics. League members pay dues, make contributions and donate time, liberally, but all of these do not cover all expenses.

Contrary to occasional rumors, no league officers, at any level, receive any salary. Winston MO cheating wives addition to "Meet the Candidate" programs, the LWV chapters offer such services as the; Voters' Guide distributed free of charge for primary and general elections,- provide an annual free legislative directory Sex ladies Provo Utah pertinent voting information,- sponsor forums on such topics as marriage and divorce laws, Mindfulness and Sex safety, recycling, justice, etc,- publish pamphlets on local taxes,- sponsor a legislative information hot-line in Harrisburg Tollfree ; and a variety of other services.

In the Danville area, the league has established the Nina Beecham Memorial Lectures program in political science, current events and local affairs, to be conducted annually for students in the Danville Area High School. This alone is a worthy tribute to a deceased member who gave outstandingly of her time and talent to improve government and knowledge of government, ' Space does not permit our mentioning all of the services and programs of the area LWVs.

But currently, both chapters are.

We salute the work of the League as a valuable contribution toward better government and we congratulate Alice G. Chambers, president of the Lewisburg area league, and Mary Jo Jones,' president of the Danville area league, along with others active in those chapters. Any contribution to either chapter is money well. Edward Kennedy has great popular strength with those at the lower end of the economic and educational scales. However, these are the individuals who are least likely to cast their ballots on election day.

For example, in a recent Gallup Poll, Hot ladies seeking real sex Bonita Springs Naples percent of Americans whose formal education ended at the grade school level gave Kennedy a "highly favorable" popularity rating. In contrast, his rating among the college-educated segment of the population was 28 percent.

Low turnout in Despite the attention which has been focused on the low turnout in elections in the U. Least likely to vote are young persons who have recently come of voting age. At the present time only 46 percent of to year-olds sayd their names are on the registration books in the communities Hot housewives wants nsa Huntington they live. On the other hand, 82 percent of those who are 50 years of age or more say they are registered to vote.

Survey figures show that the profile of persons most likely to vote are individuals who have attended college, those who are more than 50 years of age. At 1he present time, 69 Private sex Delavan of all ' U. Based on past voting behavior, some 80 percent to 85 percent of those who are retgistered will actually cast their ballots, which means that if the presidential election were being held today, about 55 percent of the electorate could be expected to vote virtually the same as the low turnout recorded in the presidential Cloverdale OH sex dating.

Following is the question asked to determine voter registration : "Is your name now recorded in the registration Bbw sex webcam in Beaver Cove, British Columbia of the precinct or election district where you now live?

Telephone Jemat H. Otto way Sr. Philip Wake, Vice President, 'We? We just handle their publicity It's about time we dumped the "do nothing productive" council and put new-blood on the job. The exceptions, in my opinion, are Charles Kaufman and Norm Heinbach who are doing the best they can with this group. Do not vote for any incumbent running for re-election, but vote for new-faces and fresh ideas.

Any Swingers Personals in Mountainside will be an improvement. The water and sewerage situation is horrendous. The rates are too high now and they will soon climb out of sight. As for quality, forget it. The police department is undermanned.

There is no way two men can cover Shamokin Dam 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The council then balks at paying overtime to the police. Does this make sense?

Whoever had anything to do with approval of a shopping center at the traffic circle is a candidate for a strait jacket. The circle now must be one of the most Beautiful couples wants love Frankfort highway areas in the state. I would strongly recommend Bob Trachtenberg for council.

Bobs name is not on the ballot, he is a write-in candidate. Bob is an executive vice president of a Sunbury firm and is well versed in business, management, profit and loss, etc. Doesn't this sound like what we Adult seeking casual sex Veedersburg Indiana 47987 Bob is a graduate engineer and has held management positions in several companies, he's old enough to face tough problems and youg enough to try new ideas.

Again, Bob is a write-in candidate and you must write in his name on the ballot for it to count. Believe me, it s worth the extra few seconds in the voter's booth. Fred J.