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Need to squirt a load

The orgasmic potential massage will help your partner become more easily orgasmic and squirt more quickly, with larger volumes, more often.

Need To Squirt A Load

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In fact, many vagina-owners are probably capable of squirting. Squirting describes the release of fluid from the urethra the tube that carries pee, Clute webcam chat in the case of people with penises, semen, out of the body in response to sexual stimulation. Squirting has been recognized by various cultures, from China to Greece, for more than 2, years Korda et al. Squirting is often pleasurable, and sometimes happens at the same time as orgasm Salama, et al. While there is still debate in the scientific community about what, exactly, the fluid produced during squirting is made of, it is most likely a combination of urine and a clear or milky-colored fluid produced by special glands around the urethra Salama et al. Also, the mechanisms for peeing and squirting are very different: When you pee, you are voluntarily emptying your bladder in a controlled manner, whereas squirting involves a sudden, involuntary expulsion of fluid Salama et al.

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But how does it happen, what happens exactly and what causes it?

Female ejaculation is strongly linked to G-spot simulation, that is, stimulation of the internal area at the front of the vagina. Your G-spot can be stimulated in any of ways, either through intercourse, foreplay or with a vibrator — but it can take some practice to find your sweet spot.

This can vary hugely from woman to woman, with anything from a capful of liquid to much more being the norm. All of a sudden, the feeling intensified through my body and I ejaculated. First: up the pressure.

Unlike with clitoral stimulation, which generally happens through gentle massage, the G-spot requires more intense and repetitive thrusting-style movements. Think doggy style or girl-on-top moves.

For some women, female ejaculation might just not be possible, but to give yourself the best chance you just need to chill the F out. Toggle. Competitions Search Site Search. What causes squirting during sex?

How much liquid is released? Can you learn how to squirt?

First of all: squirting is real. and yes, there are steps you can take to make yourself (or your partner) squirt. so squirt away!

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